Touhou Hisoutensoku

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Touhou Hisoutensoku is a 1v1 fighting game spinoff of the Touhou series. It is notable for putting a unique spin on the genre by successfully blending elements inspired by the series of bullet hell games.

Find a more comprehensive overview of the game on the wiki or check out the FAQ to learn more.

Disclaimer: Touhou is property of ZUN. Touhou Hisoutensoku is property of Team Shanghai Alice and Twilight Frontier. wausoku has no affiliation with the makers of the game.

Playing the Game

Below is some general information about playing the game.
To find players to play with, check the region page for a list of communities.
To find guides on how to play the game, check the guides page.

In order to host a server, you must have an open UDP port (by default the game uses 10800). If you don’t know how to forward ports, please consult someone in a community discord and they will walk you through the process. If this is not possible for whatever reason you can use Autopunch instead.

Once you have an open port, or you have Autopunch loaded, you can host by opening the game, running SokuRollLoader.exe, then going into the VS Network menu. Once you are in the VS Network menu, select Server Setup, set an open port to host on, allow spectating, and then post your IP and port, which should automatically be copied to your clipboard, for your opponent.

The exact method of broadcasting your host may differ depending on the discord server (or otherwise) that you are playing in.

Joining a Host

In order to join a host, you simply copy the host’s IP address and port number to your clipboard, then go to the in game VS Network menu. Finally, select the Connect to IP from Clipboard option to join the host. If someone is already connected to the host, you are given the option to spectate their matches instead. If the opponent is hosting using Autopunch, you will need Autopunch enabled to join their host.

Input Method

If you are using a controller or stick to play the game, and it is not working natively, you may need a third party program such as Joy2Key to ensure full compatibility. Sticks that support left stick mode have been found to work natively when set to this mode.

If you are using a third party program that converts your controller’s inputs to keyboard inputs (such as Joy2key), it is important that you navigate the menu of the game with your keyboard as the game auto configures its input settings based off the first input it reads each time it is opened.