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We are a community of players in the Oceania region (mainly Australia and New Zealand) primarily focused on netplay, with frequent online events and a growing offline presence too, particularly in NSW/VIC. We are open, transparent and accomodating and invite individuals to take part in the community and express themselves, both as a player and as a person. We live in the #hisoutensoku channel of the Australian Anime Fighting Game Community Discord, come and say hi!


The OCE Hisoutensoku discord channel hosts a tournament roughly once every two months. These tournaments are known as Waunaments and are streamed on the OCE Hisoutensoku Twitch channel. Signup forms are pinned in the OCE Hisoutensoku channel once a date for the Waunament has been decided through a poll. We also now hold an annual major tournament, called the Touhou Oceanic Major.

The last tournament held was the 17th Waunament. It started with 2 pools in a double elimination bracket, where the top 4 from each pool advanced into the final bracket for the top 8. It had a total of 26 entrants. View the bracket on challonge.

The recorded stream can be viewed here:


There is a ladder system in place designed to allow players to test themselves against other players in a semi-competitive environment. Ladder seasons are usually held during the downtime between Waunaments. Signup forms are pinned in the OCE Hisoutensoku channel a few weeks before a ladder season commences. You can assign yourself the discord role for ladder by typing !soku-ladder.

Soku tag

All players in the OCE discord are encouraged to give themselves the soku tag by typing !soku or !wau in the discord chat. This tag is reserved for important announcements. Typing !pc-soku-netplay or ![?!] will give you a tag exclusively used to find opponents for netplay.

Final Word

Thank you for taking your time to read over this document. If you have any questions about this document or the game itself, please feel free to raise them in the discord channel. We here at the OCE Hisoutensoku community hope you enjoy trying out the game and look forward to playing with you [?!]