Hisoutensoku OCE Tournament Rules



In order to be eligible to participate in Waunaments*, you must be participating from the Oceania region, such as Australia or New Zealand.
You must prepare your game client and netplay configuration prior to the start of the tournament. (refer to Game client and network)
There is no restriction on skill level or experience - all players, new or old, are welcome to join!
*Our standard bi-monthly netplay tournaments


Players will compete in a double elimination bracket.
The grand Finals and Winners Finals/Losers Finals will be determined by a best of five (first to three) format*.
Every other set is determined by a best of three (first to two) format.
*This is subject to change


Seeding is determined by previous tournament results with a recency bias.
The seeding method used is designed to give every entrant at least one fair match, as well as to encourage stronger players to meet in the later stages of the tournament.
Seeding will not be finalised until after registration closes.
Tournament organisers may make slight manual adjustments to seeding, especially to accommodate newer or returning players.

Game client and network

You must ensure that your game copy is on the latest version (1.10a) with all characters unlocked, and that you have access to Soku Roll.
You must either be able to host via port forwarding, or have the latest version of Autopunch.
You will still be able to compete if you are unable to host for some reason using either method. The outcome of a set that cannot occur due to both players being unable to host will be determined by seeding.
Other hosting tools such as Hamachi are not officially endorsed by the Waunament. However, they will still be allowed if both players agree to their use.
We suggest players set the delay value to 2 if possible, but please discuss what value to use with your opponent and raise or lower it depending on the stability.

Characters, decks and stages

There are no restrictions on what character or deck you can pick at the start of a set.
However, during the set you will be locked to your character on a win.
If you win a game with random select, you will be locked to the character that you played as in the winning game.
You will be able to change your character if you lose a game.
There are no restrictions on changing your decks/profiles mid set.
The character lock does not carry over between sets.

The recommended stage is “Scarlet Devil Mansion Library”.
Other stages may be selected if both players are in agreement.
Please avoid visually cluttered stages such as ‘Shore of Misty Lake’ if your game is being streamed.

Player conduct

Players are expected to play to the best of their ability with the intention of winning.
Breaching of player conduct rules will lead to penalties such as disqualification or bans from future Waunaments in extreme circumstances.
Complaints about decisions made by the moderation team should not be raised in the public channel. If you wish to make an appeal against a decision please DM one of the users with the soku-mod tag (klempfer, JD, Le Giang).
Please see the extra Q&A section for some further examples.