Hisoutensoku OCE Tournament FAQ


What happens if a player has lag/connection issues?

If a match is deemed unplayable due to connection issues, the moderation team will try to determine which player’s connection is at fault and count the set as their loss. If this cannot be determined, the outcome of the match will be decided by seed. If a player has a connection that is deemed unlikely to recover they may also be disqualified from the tournament.

What happens if a player does not show up to play on time?

There is usually some leniency for players to return and play their games, and the tournament organisers will do their best to accommodate for this. In the event that a player cannot play their match in a reasonable amount of time, they will automatically forfeit the set, but will not be disqualified.

If the player has not been eliminated from the tournament, the player may still return to progress in the lower bracket.

What happens if a player purposely displays unsportsmanlike behaviour?

As the negative impact of unsportsmanlike actions such as deliberately not closing games or teabagging depend on context, it will be up to the discretion of the moderation team to determine if action should be taken. This will be done on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, please act respectfully to your opponents both in and out of matches.

If you felt that your opponent was exhibiting this behaviour and wish to bring it to the attention of mods, please save the replay and DM one of the players with the soku-mod role (klempfer, JD, Le Giang).

Can I make an agreement with another player to use a certain character and/or deck?

Yes, you are free to choose the character or deck as long as you comply with the rules listed under “Characters and decks”. Please let the soku-mods know if you’re doing this on a streamed match.

Do these rules apply to Wauvents?

Wauvents are our special tournaments with a twist, focused more on fun than competitive play. In general, these rules still apply to the Wauvent (unless otherwise specified), although enforcement of the rules will be relaxed.